The reference that should be used when citing the use of S-map data in reports or papers is Manaaki Whenua (2019). Citation does not replace the requirement to state the copyright and other attribution information required under the Creative Commons License. 

Citing the S-map information system is best done using Lilburne et al. (2012). This paper provides an explanation of the design principles and underlying infrastructure. S-map is based on the soil classification scheme described by Hewitt (2010) and Webb & Lilburne (2011).

McNeill et al. (2018) provides the technical information behind the S-map predictions of soil moisture.

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Use of S-map

An A3 poster was developed to illustrate the various uses of S-map soil information. This summarises a report by Ford (2019) about implementing a national funded S-map programme. This report draws on information generated by a 2019 survey of S-map Online users (Richardson et al 2019) and an independent valuation of the benefits of S-map (Market Economics 2019). An earlier survey by Belliss et al (2016) was funded by Envirolink.

Belliss S, Lilburne L, Carrick S 2016. Results of online survey of soil factsheets Landcare Research Contract Report LC2465.

Ford R (2019) Implementing a nationally funded S-map programme.

Market Economics (2019) S-map indicative benefits

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Last updated: 18 Feb 2020