The digital soil map for New Zealand

S-map is the new national soils database. When completed, it will provide a seamless digital soil map coverage for New Zealand. S-map is designed to be applied at any scale from farm to region to nation.

The current extent of the S-map survey is shown on the map to the left.

New: NZSC soil order layer; minor additional coverage in Canterbury; minor corrections to names and soil properties throughout New Zealand.

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What is S-map?

Existing soil databases are patchy in scale, age and quality. Many maps do not adequately describe the underlying properties of the soil types they represent. S-map integrates existing reports and digital information and updates soil maps where existing data are of low quality. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, quantitative soil information to support sustainable development and scientific modelling.

Service database last updated: 24 May 2017.

What is S-map Online?

Using S-map online you can:

  • Explore interactive soil maps
  • Learn about the soil in your backyard or paddock
  • View detailed information about a soil class or attribute
  • Create custom PDF soil maps for printing
  • Download soil factsheets for specific locations

S-map Online Service Status